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This 5’9″ Animatronic Dragon Breathes Fog and Will Protect Your Yard

You know I was going to make this about Halloween but who in all honesty would only want this dragon up once a year. I mean throw a Santa hat on this guy and call it a day. Heck you could even put a little Fourth of July flag in front of him and just keep him up all year round! What’s best about this guy is that he moves, breathes fog, and protects your yard. Well, if the people are afraid of dragons that is.

Home Depot

Home depot is selling this for $399. So it’s an investment to say the least. And how you would store him I have no idea. I would assume you just gave it a room in the house and called it a day. Or if you had a space under the stairs you could set them up there like “The Munsters” did with “Spot”.

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Spot from “The Munsters” Cute isn’t he?

This giant animatronic Dragon from Home Depot stands at 5’9″ tall and will certainly wow your neighbors and friends. It emits a roaring sound and its eyes light up! Plus it moves. You really can’t beat all that!

You can check out the listing for them by clicking the link here. And believe me, I’m thinking of getting one just for my patio area. Because why can’t apartments have pet dragons too?

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