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Netflix Now Allows You to Alter Playback Speed, So You Can Binge Even Faster

Being an adult is hard. And something that’s even harder is keeping up with shows that get dropped in our laps all at once. There are some people who love to watch every single episode the same day of drop and then lie in wait to talk to others about it. And there are those like me that say, oh yeah maybe when the kid falls asleep I can pick that up. And slowly watch it one by one, night by night, falling asleep from exhaustion. Well now Netflix has seemingly fixed my problem by introducing playspeeds!

Netflix is now allowing you to stream something .5x slower or up to 1.5x faster. So that also means if you are in college learning another language like my husband you can watch the Spanish shows slower and get more time to absorb what they are saying. Or if you are like me and on a time crunch you can pick a series and have it done a bit faster than you would have normally. Sure they may sound a little more “enthusiastic” because they are talking faster, but you get the same idea.

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In order to prevent people from accidentally watching everything sped up, you will have to opt into the titles that you want to watch in a different speed. And for now it’s only going to be available on Android phones and devices. That along with giving you the option for downloaded series for when you are on the go.

It may not be a huge deal, but will definitely keep us in the know when we are on that dreaded deadline. Of course there are those who think that we should stop bingeing all together. And you know what? That would make life much easier.. except for when you’re too busy one week and miss an episode. Then it turns into two, and then you’re back in the binge hole again.

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