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Pillsbury Cookie Dough [Officially] Safe to Eat Raw!

One thing about cookie dough is that you can’t just bake it, you have to try it in it’s purest form. Or at least I do, I know it’s a problem. But now it’s totally not because Pillsbury is making all their cookie dough safe to eat from the bag. I guess they finally caught on that we weren’t actually baking those sugar cookies, just resealing the pack and eating a couple raw pieces at a time.

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Now if you want to know how they did it, it’s pretty simple. All they did was move to heat-treated flour and pasteurized egg. Which means you get the same chewy goodness baked or raw.

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It’s a welcome change from the brands that are labeled “safe to eat raw” that my husband bought for me a few times. First of all they are hard as rocks and second of all.. they taste horrible. Pillsbury has always been my guilty pleasure and now it’s totally safe!

Do you cook your dough or eat it raw? Tell us in the comments which you prefer!

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