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Inventive Gamer Made a Kinect Mod For “Mario 64” to Encourage Exercise

If you have been waiting to get your hands on one of those elusive “Ring Fits” for the Nintendo Switch then you aren’t alone. And since we’re all under quarantine again now for the second time in California we’re looking for useful solutions to exercise and gaming. Well one reddit user by the name of SuperLouis64 came up with a fun solution to an old favorite game of ours which combined nostalgia with just that. A modded version of Nintendo 64’s “Super Mario 64” where the character only jumps when the player jumps. And he’s got a trampoline set up and everything!

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In the video you can see that you have to jump in real life to be able to jump in the game. It’s the equivalent to pressing A. To press Z you need to crouch, talk about good for the glutes! Jumping and crouching does the butt pound move that you can use to defeat baddies. And for the final battle with Bowser you may get a bit dizzy. Because you essentially have to spin to win, and then punch to throw him off the edge of the platform.

It’s a really creative solution and one that I would love to try. Now to just find a mini trampoline for my apartment… Of course maybe not the best idea given that we are in the upstairs unit.

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