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5 Worst Minor Injuries as Voted on by Drunk People

One of the best things about 2020 is that you can reminisce about old times. And for me one of those times was sitting around a friends dining room table discussing what some of the worst minor injuries were that you could ever experience. Granted we were all very wasted and in our 20’s but hey, it made for great conversation. Here are the top 5 minor injuries I remember drunkenly discussing that fateful night.

5. Dead Arm

OK so this one happened in the most stupid way. I was in my early 20’s mind you when I was so freaking excited to get some sleep that I jumped into bed arm first. I woke up the next morning with you guessed it, a totally dead arm. It’s a feeling of being sore but also being super weak and it’s embarrassing to boot. Another friend of mine would “play” with their siblings and try to do this on purpose to them but for me, it was just a calamity.

4. Pulling your fingernail and getting pus build up

Nothing worse than a hangnail? We beg to differ. How about when you pull that sucker off and instead of it healing nicely you get that ominous sore spot filled with pus. Of course you can’t just pop it but instead have to wait until it goes away by itself. And every time you bump your finger it’s pain central.

3. Pulling Your Back

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Again this is a very embarrassing event that happened in my 20’s. Imagine someone just making a salad like any normal day and then pulling their back because why? They decided to twist wrong while grating cheese for the top of it. Yep that’s the first time I ever pulled my back and it wouldn’t be the last. Just the stupidest way to do it. Pulling your back is no joke but it does eventually go back to normal.

2. “The Ring of Fire”

If you don’t know what I mean by this.. think about the last time you had something spicy that didn’t agree with you. It comes usually when you are feeling ill but it also just shows up when you eat something wrong. And that my friends is diarrhea. This is a case when toilet paper is not your friend and the only way to soothe the “painus in your anus” is a nice wet cloth, or a baby wipe if you have any on hand. This one makes you fearful of going to the bathroom and that’s supposed to be a place of sanctuary. SANCTUARY!

1. Biting down on your own teeth

This one sucks because you are usually enjoying a nice meal or a snack when BAM you’ve bit down on your own teeth. Now I’m not sure if this is the result of having teeth corrected with braces or what but I can tell you that the feeling involved is one of intense pain. It eventually goes away but there is this feeling of unease every time you eat for the next week, and sometimes being overly careful can cause you to mess up and do it again.

What do you think of our list? Do you have any injury stories? Tell us in the comments or email us at [email protected]com

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