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NASA Has Designed a Necklace That Reminds You Not to Touch Your Face

One of the biggest factors of preventing the spread of COVID-19 is wearing a mask when you go out. But part of the problem concerning spread is also unconsciously touching your face. NASA has created a new wearable that will remind you not to touch your face by emitting a vibration when it detects movement in the area around your face.

They are not selling this device but instead have made instructions available online. You can 3D print one yourself and keep it on when you go out. It’s a good reminder because so many times we have an itch and don’t even think about scratching it. You can find the instructions uploaded by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory by clicking the link here.

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It’s nice of them to make this available for the public to create one if they would like. It’s not exactly subtle but when it comes to safety of the person wearing it, it will definitely do the trick. The vibration should be enough to remind you to stop while you are in the process of touching your face.

“We hope individuals or companies will replicate, refine or enhance PULSE and make it easily available for distribution,” NASA said. 

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