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New Photo of Universal Studios Japan Super Mario World Released

Back when they first announced Super Mario World at Universal Studios Japan, we were all super excited. Of course we wanted to feel like Mario in big world from the games. It’s one of the staples from our childhoods and one of the most popular games in our lifetimes.

Super Nintendo Land, photo courtesy of Universal Studios–jxEDwepAdX0TBzj2U

The most exciting part is that we can now see how much progress they’ve made! We’ve been following the construction from the ground up. The park was supposed to open alongside the Olympics in Japan because of the high amount of tourism that would bring to the country. But with current events being what they are the Olympics were postponed. The park however will still be opening this year.

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imaiko02 shared the image on Instagram and it immediately started going viral. In it you can see everything from Peach’s Castle to Bowser’s. It looks like a real life version of Mario Party where you are the actual player. The tubes and the multi-level level replicas are amazing looking. It all looks like you were thrown into a game.

There are plans to bring the franchise to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Like mentioned before it was supposed to open right before the 2020 Olympics. So that would have meant that it would be open by July 9th. There’s no official word yet on when the park will open now. But Japan has started opening up theme parks in the wake of COVID-19. Slowly as they implement new social distancing protocols. Universal Studios Japan however is to remain closed until July 7th. And that date may be extended further if they deem it unsafe.

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