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Report: “Hawkeye” Disney+ Show May Start Filming in September

Because of coronavirus a lot of productions have fallen to the wayside until it was safe to resume work. “Hawkeye” on Disney+ was no exception to the rule when it came to the shut downs and had to reconfigure their filming schedule not just once but twice. First they were due to film in March and then again in July. But now from what we know they will be pushing it back even farther to September.

Marvel Studios

According to it sounds like this is a firm time frame for them to start picking back up production.

Focusing on Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) he will be trying to teach an apprentice with a talent for the bow and arrow. This new character will be Kate Bishop. Currently we don’t know who is cast to play Kate but it’s rumored that Hailee Steinfeld is in the running.

The show is to be written by Tanner Bean and Jonathan Igla who will also act as the shows producer. We’re estimating that it will arrive on the platform sometime late 2021 so that they have ample time to film, edit and build hype.

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In other news:

Renner is still the one to play Hawkeye despite some outraged Marvel fans wanting him replaced. This stemmed from him and his wife going through a messy divorce and him allegedly saying he would “kill her”. His representatives came out and said that his wife at the time Sonni Pacheco was mentally unstable and that she did not take it well when he wanted to end the marriage after less than a year.

He also had a mishap with his fan app last year and had to shut it down over trolls infiltrating it. It was an attempt to keep in touch with the fans but it wen’t entirely out of control when people started photo-shopping him in various “situations.” He ended it gracefully the way anyone should by just shutting the whole thing down. Unfortunately I didn’t even know he had an app until it was too late but for a while there it was something that was really special to his fans.

Are you excited about the “Hawkeye” series to start filming in September? Ready to see more Marvel shows on Disney+? Tell us in the comments what you’re most excited for coming out.

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