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Feel Like A Real Pokémon Trainer With This Pet Carrier Backpack

To all Pokémon lovers with pets: this Pokémon themed backpack is the purrrfect carrier for when you want to take your small furry friend outside.

Image: Scurrty

This backpack comes in the dimension of 17×16.9×9 inch, so it can be quite spacious for smaller pets such as rabbits, ferrets, rats, cats and puppies. The seller, Scurrty, suggests the ideal weight for long term use is 13lb for cats and 11lb for dogs.

There are nine ventilation holes to ensure it’s breathable. It’s also made out of durable materials so you won’t have to worry about damage from gnawing or scratching. The internal buckles inside can prevent your pet from escaping while the transparent cover will allow your little buddy to get a glimpse of the outside.

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You can take your cat out on a walk for some fresh air, on a hike, to the vet, even grocery shopping and catching Pokemons. This product even comes with a collapsible bowl and side pockets so you can bring along some pet snacks.

Customer reviews on Amazon suggest that the backpack is comfortable to wear, but might have a weird plastic smell at first.

You can get more information and buy your own carrier here.

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