Top 10 Nerdy Costumes for Dogs

You plan for months what to wear at a party but take your dog with a dog belt? Give the poor animal a nerdy makeover for your next party. It might turn out to be an excellent idea to attract attention too.

Cute dog pictures are the most adorable, and no one can scroll without liking them. And when your dog wears these nerdy costumes, it’d be hard to get people’s eyes away from him. So, check out these exciting themed costumes for your small Chihuahua or the towering German Shepherd.

1. Marilyn Monroe Costume

Make your little beagle a cutie beauty with this Marilyn Monroe costume. At parties, he will surely become a star attraction. You might even have a hard time finding him as all your friends take him for a pic.

2. Star Wars Costume

Add some thrill to your cute one’s appearance with this exciting Star Wars costume. But beware that in this costume, your dog might steal the limelight at your teenage son’s party. Moreover, it is quite comfortable to wear, and your dog will love to pose for the pictures with this.

3. Harry Potter Uniform

Everyone loves dogs, and Harry Potter. So why not combine the two in perhaps the cutest crossover ever. Don’t forget styling your dog’s hair to match Harry Potter or he’s more likely to look like Ron Weasley on his own. The big round sunglasses just make your dog the nerd Harry was.

4. Wizard of Oz Uniform

Let your dog spell magic with his wand in the Halloween party. He will surely hypnotise everyone and attract their attention with this exemplary costume. The muffler also comes in handy in winters so that you can try it on Christmas too.

5. Robin is Back

If you have a dominating dog like a Pitbull or American Bully, this Robin uniform absolutely matches his aura. He blows that thunderous whistle catching thieves and your enemies too. The green and yellow colour combination gives that funky vibe ideal for Halloween themes.

6. President Costume

A little political satire is never bad, and this Donald Trump uniform is a heartthrob. Stack some cash bags, and some Trump quotes around for a hilarious photoshoot. You might want to endorse your dog as the next president after this!

7. Red Cross Society

This is undoubtedly going to be the cutest scout anyone will ever see. With his helpful nature, your dog may not mind wearing the dress. The costume looks best on white dogs, preferably furry. Of course, it all depends on your choices.

8. Mickey Mouse Costume

Bring that Disney land vibe to your house but making your dog wear this fantastic Mickey Mouse costume. Your kids will love it, and it’s the right way to make them friends with the dog. Your babies might even be duped to think your dog is standing on his legs!

9. Pokemon

Pick out your dog pokemon from this Pokeball themed suit. Your kids will instantly fall in love with this exciting crossover. There won’t be a better sight than when your dog comes running to you wearing this. Be careful that your dog won’t leave being playful and could ruin the dress super quick. At least have a few cute photos to get viral on Instagram before that.

10. Pirates

If pirates were this cute, ships would happily give away the shipments to see them. This pirate would be stealing hearts instead of boats, though. Ensure that the hook in his hand is made up of foam or cloth instead of iron. 

Before expecting your dog to act like its outfit and entertaining your friends at occasions, make sure he is healthy and stress free. Doggytalent talks a lot about humanely training your dog to do cool things.

So, here were some of the nerdiest yet funkiest costumes you can buy for your dog. Have them wear it and forget about the parties. Your friends and family won’t leave him for a minute. You can always modify these costumes according to your convenience.

Article submitted by: Eva Greene

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