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Dog-Killing Cane Toads Having Great Breeding Season in Florida

Giant Cane Toads are nothing new to Florida though they do try to control the population. Originally they were brought to Florida in the 1930s and 40s to control the Sugar Cane pest population. The current population however is blamed on the escape of exotic pet traders animals. So now Florida has a big problem. And due to the current wet weather that’s been happening over there, experts are saying that it’s the ideal atmosphere for them to breed.

Visit for a map of credible cane toad sightings.
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The above image is all the credible cane toad sightings. You can find out more about it by clicking the link here.

Cane Toads would be fine if they weren’t so poisonous. They carry a toxin that can kill small animals and make people very sick. So if you see one you should immediately report it to authorities.

The fear is that if this summer is wetter than normal which experts are predicting they will be, the toads will have the optimal breeding season. Warm wet places are ideal for tadpoles to grow and for the toads to breed. So there is most likely going to be a huge boom in the population for them. Causing dog owners to fear for their pets lives.

“As long as there is water for them to breed in, the cane toads will thrive,” said William Kern, an associate professor at the University of Florida who specializes in urban pest management. “They will be out above the surface, foraging and breeding. People are probably seeing more of them now.”

Signs Your Dog May be Poisoned & What to do:

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If your dog is excessively drooling, has red gums, is vomiting, has disorientation, circling, stumbling and or falling, and is having seizures there may be a chance that they got a hold of a Cane Toad.

If you suspect they have poisoning have someone call a vet immediately while you take a hose to the dogs mouth. Run water through the mouth making sure not to wash any down their throat. You need to be rinsing the water from one side out the other. Once you do this for several minutes take your animal to the vet as fast as possible.

Other Concerns

Since these toads have no known predators they are free to eat small things freely. This includes other smaller species of toad or frog, lizards, or bugs. If they go un-monitored this could lead to a decline in population of important bugs or animals that do good things for their environment.

If you see one

According to the FWC you are allowed to dispose of them if you come in contact with one. There are a bunch of guidelines you can follow to keep them off your property and keep your pets safe. You can check out all the information on the Cane Toad by clicking the link here including how to dispose of them.

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