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Check Out Gentle Giant’s SDCC Exclusive “Tron” Figure!

We are SUPER pleased to tell you about one of Gentle Giant Ltd.’s San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) exclusives! Even though the con isn’t physically taking place at the convention center this year, many of the usual vendors and exhibitors are still offering their special exclusives to the public. With, we might add, a higher liklihood of the people who actually WANT these things being able to get these things.

Check out the Tron VHS Deluxe Action Figure:

Gentle Giant Ltd. is excited to bring you the #TRON VHS Deluxe Action Figure as one of the #SDCC2020 exclusives! The 7-inch VHS inspired figure includes multiple identity discs with energy effects, and will react to a black light.

Everyone loves Tron, but real fans love it on VHS! That’s why this exclusive variant figure is sporting colors based on the old VHS packaging, and comes packaged in a real VHS-style box!

The 7-inch figure includes multiple identity discs with energy effects, and will react to a black light. Designed by Eamon O’Donoghue, sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios. Limited to only 3,000 pieces. A Diamond Select Toys release!

Our friend Mike Pflaumer said this about working on the figure:

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 I don’t share everything I work on, but working on these Tron figures was a real treat. We did a LOT of work on these figures, and while some aspects of what we engineered for production would end up getting cut at the factory (like the planned build-a-figure Recognizer), this figure still retains the black-light reactive paint work.
When I was prototyping this figure all the different colors had to be identified and the chest circuitry Was painted 3 times – white to highlight it from the black body, each individual “light” color, and then finally with colored UV reactive paints. It requires UV lights and darkened spaces to accurately see what I was doing, but it was worth it to be able to be a part of the team that made these figures.

You can pre-order him on Gentle Giant Ltd.’s website here. There is no expected shipping date, but “this summer” sounds promising.

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