Taste the Rainbow! Skittles Freezer Pops are Coming to a Store Near You

In the best news ever Skittles is coming out with their own version of the Otter Pop. That’s right now you can freeze the rainbow with their new freeze pops.


So far they have already been spotted at Dollar General, who also carried their freeze treat last year when they made a variation of Fla-Vor-Ice. These new ice pops come in green, grape, orange, and strawberry. And you can find them with the other freezer pops, usually stored on room temperature store shelves.

These are great for kids and adults alike. But if you are looking for something a little more adult than this you can always try out this wine version of the otter pop. They sell these at Costco and have been a big hit among moms at the pool.

Of course my personal favorite candy/ice cream treat will always and forever be the Sour Patch Kids Baskin Robbins flavor. I remember it like it was yesterday…. in 2018 they had a May special that was ice cream mixed with the most delicious fruity flavor I’ve ever had. They do make something close but it’s never quite the same as that summer treat. You can get the Sour Patch Kids ice cream on shelves now, but it will never hold a candle to that limited edition May flavor. It was made using only the red by the way. Delicious.

I will be buying these new Skittles ice pops and reviewing them in the future. But for now I just wanted to let you know they exist!

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