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Stormtroopers Enforcing Social Distancing at Disney World

Status check! Did you get your temperature check? Face mask secure and within requirements? Ready to ensure proper social distance of six feet? Affirmative! Begin patrols of sector seven! Disney World’s shopping district Disney Springs in Orlando has called in First Order Stormtroopers to enforce social distancing.

Stormtroopers in “Star Wars: A New Hope,” photo courtesy of LucasFilm

In a video taken by Attractions Magazine, a pair of Stormtroopers perform on a balcony for guests. Their pre-recorded dialogue playfully reminds guests to keep apart from one another and wear their masks. When one Stormtrooper gets too close to the other, they are reminded to stay in their sector. At one point, one of the Stormtroopers talks about how male banthas (those hairy creatures Stormtroopers rode on Tattoine) can reach 3.9 meters long. The other responds by saying “yeah I’m going to need you to move one bantha’s length away, please.”

Currently, guests ages two and up are required to wear facial coverings while in the Disney Springs. At one point, one of the Stormtroopers decides to prove who is in charge by pointing at a man in the crowd and saying “Hey, you! With the face covering!”

The other trooper responds by saying, “They all have face coverings!”

“Well, we made them all look,” replies the first.

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“And now they all know who is in charge.”

The Stormtroopers also acknowledge face coverings by mentioning how nice some of them are and that they may even be nicer than their helmets. It’s a fun way to remind guests to follow the rules while also entertaining them.

Disney Springs began its re-opening process on May 20. While Disney World remains closed, the park is scheduled to begin re-opening in Mid-July. Disney World will be taking COVID-19 precautions such as limiting visitors, temperature checks at the gates, mandatory masks, and implementing roaming squads who will enforce social distancing. So it seems that these troopers are just a taste of what guests will experience when they enter Disney World upon its re-opening.

I wonder how the Disney Princesses are going to remind guests about their face masks. Maybe Ariel will just say she wants to be where all the face masks are.

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