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Test Your Might: The 30 Day Film Challenge

In the last few months we’ve all been forced to find new and creative ways to keep ourselves entertained. As the quarantine continues, we are desperate to fill our schedules with anything, less we slip into the madness of boredom. As we exhaust the streaming options and binge through show after show, social media is continually finding new ways to fill the void. The 30 Day Film Challenge is an exciting new way to go through your collection and take an unexpected journey through films you love and some you don’t.

The challenge is as follows: watch one film every day that corresponds with the correct instruction. Each day has a different requirement so the films stay versatile and unique. Examples of film requirements range from the first movie you remember watching to a film that made you angry. The challenge requires you to watch a variety of films that have some kind of person connection to you and your experience.

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Not all of them are favorites, either. Day 21 is a film you dozed off in, which for me would mean I’d have to sit through the god awful “The Last Airbender” film and try to stay conscience this time. Or Day 9, a film you hate that everyone else liked. Were I to undertake this challenge, I’d probably have sit through “Man of Steel” or even worse, “Avatar.” But that is what makes this challenge so interesting and unique. It’s not just an excuse to watch all of your favorite films, but to explore your relationship with movies and how they have effected your life in different ways.

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I may or may not undertake this challenge and then write a review of my experience. However, if you consider yourself up for the challenge I would love to see what films you selected and why. This is a wonderful way to not only fill our time while being stuck at home, but also examine the profound effect movies have on us. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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