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New “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Funko Pops and More!

What would the Halfway to Halloween movement be without a little “The Nightmare Before Christmas?” Check out these brand new items that are available to pre-order now from Funko Pop Vinyls, to fabulous character collectables!

You can pre-order this Scary Face Jack here.

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You can pre-order this adorable Zero and Jack here.

You can pre-order this artist series Jack here. (He comes with a protected case, too!)

You can pre-order Sandy Claws here.

You can pre-order this new Sally here.

You can pre-order the Mayor here.

There are also a few exclusives that you can’t get anywhere else except for Walgreens, Hot Topic, and Boxed Lunch.

And if that isn’t enough “Nightmare Before Christmas” for you, check out the other new items coming to Entertainment Earth later this year that aren’t Funkos:

You can pre-order this “Best Of Series” set 1 here.

You can order this “Best of Series” set 2 here.

If you’re a completist, you’ll want to pre-order this Corpse Mom and Corpse Dad set here.

And last but not least, you can pre-order this set featuring Mrs. Claus, the Cyclops, and a penguin in pie here.

What new “The Nightmare Before Christmas” items are you gonna pick up this year?

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