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New “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Funko Pops and More!

What would the Halfway to Halloween movement be without a little “The Nightmare Before Christmas?” Check out these brand new items that are available to pre-order now from Funko Pop Vinyls, to fabulous character collectables!

Artify – Square

You can pre-order this Scary Face Jack here.

You can pre-order this adorable Zero and Jack here.

You can pre-order this artist series Jack here. (He comes with a protected case, too!)

You can pre-order Sandy Claws here.

You can pre-order this new Sally here.

You can pre-order the Mayor here.

There are also a few exclusives that you can’t get anywhere else except for Walgreens, Hot Topic, and Boxed Lunch.

Keep Going!
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And if that isn’t enough “Nightmare Before Christmas” for you, check out the other new items coming to Entertainment Earth later this year that aren’t Funkos:

You can pre-order this “Best Of Series” set 1 here.

You can order this “Best of Series” set 2 here.

If you’re a completist, you’ll want to pre-order this Corpse Mom and Corpse Dad set here.

And last but not least, you can pre-order this set featuring Mrs. Claus, the Cyclops, and a penguin in pie here.

What new “The Nightmare Before Christmas” items are you gonna pick up this year?

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