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The CW’s “Batwoman” Season 1 Finale, “O’ Mouse” [Review]

It’s the season 1 finale of “Batwoman,” episode “O’ Mouse.” As an old hero comes to Gotham to settle an old score, Jacob Kane and the Crows attack Batwoman in order to put the vigilante down for good. 

Let’s get into it, with full spoilers ahead.


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Luke Fox ( Camrus Johnson ) Mary Hamilton ( Nicole Kang ) and Kate Kane ( Ruby Rose ) discuss tum Teslow and how his Football injuries gave him brain damage. This is the most physically toughest opponent Kate has faced yet, with her first confrontation with him leaving her with more than just bruises. Photo courtesy of THE CW.

In this episode of “Batwoman,” a Arkham escapee Tim “The Titan” Teslow attacks those who betrayed him as the Crows and Batwoman (Ruby Rose) race to take him down. Batwoman tries to work with the Crows but is betrayed by them. Meanwhile Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang) and Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) work, and succeed, on destroying the kryptonite that could damage the Batsuit armor. 

Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and Mouse (Sam Littlefield) clash as the latter wishes to leave Gotham and Alice wants to stay. Obsessed with her revenge, and unable to let him go, she poisons him and creates a Face for Hush (Gabriel Mann) that looks exactly like Bruce Wayne (Warren Christie).

It’s a bit difficult to judge this episode for one major reason : because the Covid-19 epidemic, shooting for The CW shows stopped, so we’re only getting 20 out of the 22 planned. This means the the planned out story line needed to be either cut and/or adjusted. 

But while the season doesn’t end in the Batwoman, Alice clash that’s been building all season, it does have a satisfying, if lackluster conclusion. 

The ending works because it brings several peoples to who they’ve been building towards as characters. Alice fully let’s go of mouse and focuses solely on revenge, Jacob’s pursuit of Batwoman becomes absolute, Hush’s comic plotline really kicks off, and Kate fully trusts her team. 

If there’s a failing to the season premiere it’s the lack of a resolution to the relationship of Kate and Alice. Alice hand truly let go of all her emotional ties, her family and Mouse, and this should lead to a big villain transformation. But now we have to wait for season 2 to see how that plays out. Though Skarsten does such a great job playing that character, that I’m excited to have more of her. With the introduction of Hush’s Bruce Wanye could’ve set up the villain of season 2, but the team up of the two of them could be an interesting dynamic for the upcoming season. 

Tommy Elliots impersonation of Bruce Wayne was a fascinating storying in the Batman Comics, and the possibilities of what they could do with that in the show is exciting. The arrowverse isn’t unfamiliar to actors playing different versions of the same character (for example, Katie Cassidys Laurel Lance). So the casting of Bruce Wayne could lead to a possible return of the real Bruce in the future.

As a show, “Batwoman” has been a mixed bag of quality, teasing theses great emotional heights and falling to logistical and storytelling lows. With a season 2 underway, there is no telling what comes for the Bat and company. But what we do know is that the mission to protect Gotham will continue, no matter what.

Alice ( Rachel Skarsten ) shows Hush ( Warren Christie ) his brand new face, the face of Bruce Wayne. Like in the comics, Bruce is also absent during Hushs impersonation leading to hush taking over Wayne Enterprises – Whether that will happen in this show however, remains to be seen.

You can catch up on the whole season of “Batwoman” on The CW app.

So what did you think of the finale? Let us know in the comments down below!  

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