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Summon Shenron Daily with These Dragon Faucets

Who has time to collect all the Dragon Balls these days? Especially during times of social distancing and quarantine, it may be just too much of a hassle. However, what if you could decorate your own bathroom sink with the likeness of the wish granting Dragon?

Ok, maybe it isn’t actually Shenron the wish-granting dragon from “Dragon Ball Z,” but it still looks awesome!

Artify – Square
Antique Brass Dragon Faucet Detailed 2
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Complete with horns and whiskers, this Eastern styled dragon is perfect for those who love the “Dragon Ball Z” franchise or for those who love the stylistic sophistication of the serpentine Asian dragon of various mythologies from Eastern cultures.

The spout consists of the top half of a dragon, complete with forefront claws and a long winding neck creating the classic faucet shape. Interestingly enough the handles also depict dragon heads giving you a total of three mythological beasts on your sink. This option comes only in a antique brass color.

Gold Mythical Creature Sink Tap
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In a similar but not-quite-the-same style, is a gold option for bathtub spouts. Featuring a tad less detailed head in the same Eastern dragon style boasting a pair of translucent orange orbs as handles instead of dragon heads. While not quite Dragon Balls from our beloved anime, they are indeed dragon balls similar enough to appease this weeb.
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If you’re seeking something a little more minimalistic, or something that can past for a Western dragon, we got you covered too.

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Available in Viserion’s original colors is a minimalist dragon faucet with the handles attached to the stem. Perfect for all sorts of dragon lovers, this faucet can be found in various other colors such as bronze, black, and chrome with some searching. Game of Thrones fans, rejoice!

The cream and gold one can be found here.

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