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Man Conducts Video Conference Call With His Dogs to Review Job Performance

Now that we’re all stuck at home our pets have gotten to see the best and the worst of us. And we’ve in turn gotten to see the best and worst of them. Scottish Sportscaster Andrew Cotter conducted a video conference with his two dogs Olive and Mabel to go over their performance at “work.”

He begins the call with what was sure to be a huge relief to the dogs. They are NOT being furloughed. They do however have to talk about their performance and how they will need to act and work in the future.

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Olive was the star of the call because she was focused throughout the entire time. Mabel however was a slightly different story. Unfortunately she went on to turn off her camera a couple times, drifted off into space, scratched herself on camera and then proceeded to play with a squeeky toy. To her credit she is said to have the lower IQ of the two but as the call went on you could see Cotter get more and more annoyed.

Olive, I’ve got a message from management…” “You’re a good dog, yes you are, who’s a good dog, you’re a good dog”…Mabel, so if you could just take a bit of an example from Olive and follow her lead. Are you falling asleep while we’re having this chat? This is all part of the problem that we’ve got to sort. She’s gone. unbelievable. We should sack her, we should definitely sack her. She didn’t get such good results.

Hopefully Mabel will be able to adjust her behavior just a little bit so that she can also get a nice note from corporate. We believe in you Mabel!

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