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As You Wish: A Collection of Quarantine-Inspired “The Princess Bride” Memes

Memes have become one of the best (and worst) ways people express themselves on the internet. Puns, mashups, and misquotes, memes have become somewhat of an internet language all to themselves. For all of the things technology has given us, I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted that pictures with words would still be going strong. And yet, this simple joke format acts as a catharsis for many people. Memes allow us to express how we feel in imaginative ways and help us come together if only for a few seconds. The beauty is that anything and anyone can be meme, making them the digital universal language.

I could probably write a dissertation on meme culture. While I graduated from college many years ago I am tempted to enroll in an actual meme study course at Cambridge someday (yes, that is a very real class). We are in uncertain times, so it seems only right that the internet has taken one of the most beloved classics of our era The Princess Bride and created a number of Quarantine and Coronavirus memes. It is one of the most quotable films of our time and many of the quotes can be changed ever so slightly to stay relevant in these unprecedented times.

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Most of the “The Princess Bride” memes are scattered across the interwebs, so it’s nice to see that someone has collected a bunch of them in one single post. The great thing about memes is that you don’t even have to agree with them to find them funny. There are a lot of great ones here. One of my personal favorites is the “Let me explain…no there is too much. Let me sum it up.”

I also really enjoy the classic banter between Westley and Fezzik as it’s essentially unchanged yet eerily relevant today.

Most of the memes in this collection are pretty great, but this one holds a special place in my heart. A few years ago, I actually got to meet Westley himself, Cary Elwes, at a midnight screening of “The Princess Bride.”

He not only signed “The Princess Bride” book I had brought, but I was also wearing a shirt with this quote on it, and he signed that too. I now keep the shirt safely in a drawer, never to be worn or washed. Naturally, with an unforgettable experience like that, it’s hard not to put the meme at the top of my favorites list. So enjoy these Coronavirus/Quarantine inspired Princess Bride Memes. They may just help us not mind things that much anymore, or at the very least delay it for a little while.

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