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Krispy Kreme Creates Cheesecake Lovers’ Dream Donuts

Do you ever look at an advertisement and think yeah, they made that for me. Well Krispy Kreme just came out with a new treat that is made for cheesecake lovers, and it’s calling my name.

Krispy Kreme has introduced a new contender to their cheesecake library. This is a ring form of their previous New York Cheesecake version which is more of a jellyfilled donut with cream in the center instead of jelly. On top it features delicious graham cracker crumbs and inside is a yummy icing. They made these for a Mother’s Day treat this year but will continue to sell them until the 16th. So you may want to call up your local Krispy Kreme and make sure they sell them! It should also be noted that many of the stores are now offering delivery, so you don’t even have to leave the house!

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Recently Krispy Kreme also released Spring Flavors that they are going to be releasing in segments as well. They are offering Strawberry Krispy Kreme donuts will be available from April 28 through May 1, while you can grab Key Lime between May 5-8 and Lemon from May 12-15. So while you may have missed out on the earlier ones you can get Lemon for the next few days.

They’ve also rolled out a program where health workers can get a free box of donuts when they show their medical Id’s. They were offering the free donuts every Monday and did so until this past Monday.

Check the Krispy Kreme website for more information on the different treats they are offering!

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