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Prepare For Glory: Spartan Soldier Knife Block

The kitchen never seems to be in need of novelty items. Now more than ever we are spending more time cooking in them, using our appliances for their intended purpose rather than dish holders. So as our time in the kitchen increases, there is no better time to spice things up. Enter the Spartan Soldier Knife Block.

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A holder for your knife set, the holder makes it look like your knives are being fired at a Spartan Soldier, who is blocking them with his shield. It measures 12 inches x 8 inches x 6 inches. As a huge fan of 300, this is the perfect knife display for any history or movie buff. It is definitely a conversation starter, and people in the know will appreciate the novelty of the item.

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If you’re interested in it, you may wanna click the Buy Now button immediately. These Spartan Knife Blocks may end up being as difficult to get as the abs of the soldiers themselves. The creators Missing Digit have said that they are making 50 more and then retiring the item forever, thus making it a true novelty item. Even if it’s something you don’t need, if you want it you should act now!

For this author I was unfortunately vetoed by my girlfriend to add to cart. So I won’t be in competition for the Spartan Knife Block. Turns out she’s a spartan woman after all. The block works with most knives, and is the best way to let everyone who visits your home that THIS. IS. SPARTA.

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