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“Double Rainbow Guy” Paul Vasquez Has Passed Away at 57

Internet culture has become a deep hole of memes and viral videos. And contributing to that was Paul Vasquez who had posted a viral video of a “Double Rainbow”. Unfortunately we got news today that he has passed on at the age of 57. The article that revealed he had died was posted in the Modesto Bee.

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In 2010 he grew to fame after posting the reaction and video of a double rainbow. He then went on to be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel and grew to internet fame. Saying things like “It’s a double rainbow all the way across the sky!” And, “It’s so bright!” And, “What does it all mean?” There are lots of “whoas”, “whoos” and “oh-my-Gods”. 

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Today we mourn part of our lives. We will always remember him as the laid back guy who was just really into those Double Rainbows. He taught us to take a moment and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. We hope that in the afterlife he gets to experience the full rainbow.

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