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Stained Glass “Star Wars” Lamps

If you are looking for a classy lamp and are a Star Wars fan then look no further. Woodland Porpoise Workshop on Instagram has created some beautiful ones that would be perfect for any nerdy home. They are small enough to be a great accent lamp. They are also very well put together and each one is handcrafted.

The bases are carved from wood and the wiring is all done intricately. They are soldered together using patina and copper foiling which allows for a tighter bond. Also the colors used make for a beautiful look when it is all lit up.

I have to give this person major kudos because copper foiling each tiny piece is no joke. It’s time consuming and tedious but also kind of therapeutic if you aren’t under a time constraint. You can tell that an amazing amount of love and work goes into each lamp.

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If you would like one for yourself you may want to message the Instagram artist. Also from time to time he does host give aways so make sure you give him a follow.

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