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Blast From The Past, Help Us Get Doritos 3D’s Back!

Back in the 90s we had this delicious snack known as Doritos 3D’s, they came in a few flavors, nacho cheese, zesty ranch, and jalapeno cheddar.

When Snacking Was Extreme - Long Island Weekly

Pretty cool right? Man I loved these guys so much! They were so tasty and the commercials were awesome as well.

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Don’t judge us, the 90s was a special time for commercials. Back in 1999 these guys were released and the world gained a new chip. Sadly in 2004 (my senior year) they were discontinued and no one knows why. There have been several petitions roaming around the internet to try and bring back this delectable snack. But sadly our cries have fallen upon def ears. But hey, if they can bring back Oreo’s, Crystal Pepsi, and Dunkaroos then I think there is still hope for this bold snack.

If you would like to sign please sign this petition. It’s the most current one we could find.

There’s also an article out there by Dinosaur Dracula who says that they still have Doritos 3D but they are located only in Mexico. And the article is from 2016 so we don’t have any official update. But if you’re in that area and can find some please let us know!

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