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Dad Puts Mic in 4-Year Old’s Hockey Helmet so He Can Hear What He’s Thinking

One thing that never ceases to be a mystery to parents is “what the heck is my kid thinking?”. Sometimes when they are really young they just babble and then do something strange like spin around in circles. Other times they have weird thought processes and you wonder what sort of being has possessed them this time. Well one dad wanted to know what his son was thinking while playing hockey. And to get into his head he mic’d up his helmet so he could hear him talk when playing on the ice. The results are adorable.

Artify – Square

The best part about this is we get to see him grow up because he also mic’d him up this year at age 5. And it was still pretty awesome.

Keep Going!
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In a year you can see that he’s a lot more progressed. No more 1,2,1,2 and he’s fighting invisible paint cans. It’s really amazing to watch a kid grow up like this and Coach Jeremy on YouTube has given us a real gift.

If you want to follow Coach Jeremy on YouTube you can by following the link here.

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