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Download & Play Humongous Entertainment’s Backyard Baseball for Free

One thing that we tend to run into growing up is that some of our favorite childhood games disappear by the wayside. And while we can play most of Humongous Entertainment’s catalog on Steam including Putt Putt, Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish and Spy Fox there is one game missing that really made me sad. Backyard Baseball was a staple in my house. When my brother wasn’t playing little league we would all be around the computer picking teams and playing it. So that lead me to a good old Google search, and you know what? I found it! And it was easy to install and play! Here’s How.

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I found this gem of a site and now I’m going to be regularly looking through their catalog. It is a home for games that like in the name of the site are abandoned. That means that you can’t get it in print anymore. Even if you could though how many computers come with a CD drive? The answer to that is not many. There are two different ways to download Backyard Baseball but for the sake of easy installing I’m going to tell you how I did it.

When you go to the site(click on this link) choose the ScummVM ready option. This is by far the easiest because you don’t have to mount an ISO to anything. If you don’t get what I’m trying to say don’t worry I promise it’s really easy. Download that version and then go here and download and run ScummVM.

Once you have Backyard Baseball downloaded extract it into a folder and place it on the desktop. Then you can run ScummVM and choose the folder. Hit play and like magic your game will appear.

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It’s completely playable and just like you remember. You pick the teams, play the game and you can even design your logo. I have been playing this for hours and it never gets boring. I’m telling you this is a gem that has been lost to the sands of time. And I’m wondering why.

Backyard Baseball came out in 1997 and was a cult classic among kid gamers. Before the days of heavy console games like Halo that came out in 2001 we were all playing PC games. And it holds a special place in my heart to this day. I hope that you get some good use out of this tutorial and have a fun time playing Backyard Baseball. PLAY BALL!

*I’m only telling you this because it is unavailable software. If it was available from the manufacturer then this would be a whole different article. I don’t condone pirating but in this case the software is abandoned and you can’t buy it legally. So for the sake of nostalgia here you go.

Also I just want to note that I installed this on my PC and it’s virus free. If you do it how I tell you, you should be totally fine in installing it on your own computer.

Humongous Entertainment if you ever decide to release this version of the game please contact us and we will write about how people can buy it legally. This is a game that should be made available so that we can support you and buy it. A lot of people are missing out on playing this game.

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