This is the Perfect Switch Dock for Animal Crossing Fans

If you are after the perfect experience when playing the new Animal Crossing game, this item is for you. It’s a 3D printed island that’s not only a perfect display piece but also a cool TV dock for your Nintendo Switch.

It is sold on Etsy for $103 and includes a variety of designs. Each season (summer, spring, fall, winter) is an option and you can also choose an all sakura theme. Each theme gives off a unique look from the game. The seller also made it clear that it can be further customized if you wish, including the color of the tent or even the fruits on the trees!

Your Switch can be placed between the trees and there are foam bumpers on them to protect your screen from being scratched. The dock is designed so that every angle is decorated and you can position it to show all the bench, trees, and accessories. It also comes with an extender cable to connect your switch to the stock dock and your TV.

The product received many positive reviews, and customers have commented that it’s lightweight, sturdy, beautiful and worth the money! This would work well for a last-minute gift or just a cute piece of furniture in your house.

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