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Harley Quinn Animated Series To Finally Feature Queer Romance With Poison Ivy

The Harley Quinn Animated Series debuted on and was met with postivity. The show gives us an emancipated Harley as she finds herself free from the Joker’s abuse. It is rather mature and brutal with violence and it’s focus is on humor as we are given versions of our favorite characters that come off more as caricature than what we may be used to.

Standing a long Harley’s side the entire time is Poison Ivy, and they develop a friendship that of course has it’s ups and downs but the love for each other is clearly there. Only, it’s not the kind of love we Harley and Ivy fans have been shipping for years now.

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Fortunately, it looks like we are finally going to get what no on screen version of Harley has given us. An on screen queer romance with Poison Ivy.

The showrunner Patrick Schumacker said: “It will develop more, and it’s definitely going to evolve into, I think, what a lot of people are hoping it will.

“What I can say is, we wanted to do it  – it was always on the table… it felt interesting to us or felt like, maybe even important to us, to do it.”

The reason the idea was put on pause for season 1 was because they wanted to focus on Harley’s liberation from an abusive relationship. But Ivy was always there by Harley’s side to lend a voice of reason. Schumacker explains: “We thought, let’s not do it in the first season, because the first season is about Harley just getting out of an abusive relationship. What would that say about the character if the first story that we tell is about her being in a relationship with somebody else?”

However, the showrunner goes on to tell us that their relationship is likely to be far from paradise. Which makes perfect sense if you watched season one. They clearly love each other but operate on two different levels of alignment.

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“Harley is not the safe choice. Harley is unpredictable and she’s unreliable. She runs off on an adventure at the drop of a hat. During the first season, and much of the second, Ivy is looking for stability.

“There’s an important episode that deals with them, kind of in the fallout of them having to deal with their real feelings of each other.

“The second season does evolve their relationship, and in quite a meaningful way.”

Which will likely make them a great pair at the end. With Ivy as the voice of reason and Harley being spontaneous. But it will allow for some character development and real relationship issues.

We are ready to see it on screen! Are you?

Not just us, but apparently Birds of Prey director Cathy Yan is ready as well. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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