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Free 3D Printable Mortal Kombat Sub Zero Protective Mask

Ok so I went on a bit of a quest to find some cool masks that we can use for cosplay and coronavirus. And funnily enough I was able to find a partial Darth Vader helmet and a Bane mask with a filter insert. So when I found this as well I knew I had to write about it. Mortal Kombat is one of the best gaming franchises out there and if you’ve ever seen the film you know it has a kicking soundtrack.

Artify – Square

This pattern is free and downloadable. The maker of the pattern says this:

“In the wake of this pandemic sweeping the globe, I find myself with a lot more tinker time than usual. Given the need for medical grade masks being so high at the moment, the thought of 3D printing them is an obvious choice to many. Clearly this mask is not going to offer the kind of protection a certified N95 mask would but its a great way for healthy people to take the burden off the supply AND keep busy!

In combination with 3M furnace filters of a virus/bateria rating you can make a quick and easy sub zero mask, and make your friends laugh and slightly envious.”

They also have a list of supplies that you will need and links on where to attain them. Luckily most of them can be bought on Amazon. Though whether or not the filament is considered an “Essential Item” that’s a whole different story.

Here are some fun things to say while wearing Sub Zero’s mask

“I will shatter you.”

Keep Going!
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“A Grandmaster has no fear.”

“Of that, I am painfully aware.”

“I fear no sorcery.”

“The cold impairs your judgment.”

“I have survived hellfire before.”

“Better to fight with honor.”

“I will freeze your fire.”

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