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K-Pop Star Makes April Fool’s Joke About Contracting COVID-19

Before I start, let me just say that I am a huge Jaejoong fan. Ever since one of my closest friends brought dbsk into my life I have been such an avid fan of all five of them. I have stood by them no matter what, no matter the scandal, hell I even have a tattoo on my arm that says quote always keep the faith and quote with the constellation of Cassiopeia surrounding it. And if you are part of the dbsk fandom you know for a fact that the fans are called Cassiopeia.

But what I’m about to write is something that completely shocked me when I learned about this. The fact that Jaejoong himself took to Instagram saying that he had caught covid-19 and is now currently being treated at a hospital. Has raised nothing but concern from me, the fandom, and I’m pretty sure all of his friends and family. But then saying that it was an April fool’s joke to raise awareness of covid-19 is something that is completely unacceptable.

I state yet again, I am a huge Jaejoong fan but what he did again is unacceptable. I understand that you can try to raise awareness for all of this. But there are so many different ways that you can do that. Do I still love him? Yes. Do I still stand beside him? Yes. Am I angry at him? Yes. Actually at this point I don’t think angry is even the word I am looking for. Livid probably will solidify everything I am feeling.

Jaejoong has since deleted the post on Instagram, and then reposted an apology. He has deactivated all comments on his Instagram, and even took to Twitter to apologize as well.

Jaejoong I love you, I will continue to support you, but honestly what you did was really freaking stupid. Learn from this, and move on. Now is not the time to make this kind of joke. But I love you regardless.

Alexandrea Orozco-Lau

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