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World’s Fastest Super Computer Has Identified 77 Different Compounds to Combat COVID-19

Everyone is trying to beat the clock on the novel coronavirus. The speed of which it spreads means a lot of shelter in place orders have been given out and it’s very possible that we may not find a cure or a vaccine soon. But what gives us hope now is that along with many scientists and laboratories there is also a super computer that is trying to help identify ways to get rid of the virus. This news was brought to our attention by CNN who told us more about what Summit the super computer’s findings were.

According to CNN Summit has been able to identify 77 different compounds that could be vital in finding a vaccine for novel coronavirus. The computer ran thousands of simulations before determining what could have an effect on it.

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Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory published their findings in the journal ChemRxiv.

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The US Department of Energy commissioned Summit to be built back in 2014. The idea was to have it be the fastest super computer and be able to assist with whatever problems the world may encounter. The computer has already identified patterns in cellular systems that precede Alzheimer’s as well as what types of genes contribute to the addiction of opioids. It has also predicted weather based on current trends.

The computer is able to help with coronavirus by running simulations and seeing what medicine could attach to the spike of genetic material that is injected into the host by the virus.

If you would like to find out more specifics on how Summit is helping to combat coronavirus check out the original article by CNN here.

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