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‘Sonic’ Will be Releasing March 31st for Digital Copies Followed by a Physical Media Release in May

Good news for those of you who love Sonic! The blue hedgehog will be racing into our homes on March 31st when you can buy a digital copy of the movie to stream. They will be following it up with a physical media release May 19th just as they had planned to do but now we will be able to watch the film early without having to worry about renting it over and over again.

Sonic the Hedgehog was the biggest video game movie release to date, making $100 million world wide on opening weekend. It beat out Detective Pikachu which only made $54.4 million opening weekend. The movie was a major success after the redesign of Sonic which many fans claim was a giant PR stunt.

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After hiring on Jared Kasl who was the creator/designer of Sonic Mania the design of the space hedgehog was infinitely better. And the entire film played out perfectly. It was reminiscent of the games with sound effects while still being fun and relevant in today’s world. Jim Carrey played an amazing Robotnik and when the sequel comes out we will be excited to see how they develop his character. My guess is that since Sonic 2 the game included Tails is that the film will reflect that.

This comes as many other movie companies are opting to release films to Video on Demand. Disney just announced today that their film Onward would be released to VOD starting tonight and available on their streaming service April 3rd. So the idea that this could be the new normal comes as a welcome change to having to go out to theaters, at least for parents.

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