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Seven Winning Tips to Make Your Resume Stand out If You Are a Geek

As a geek, happenings in social circles are of least concern. With an obsession in the latest comics, a hobby or an intellectual pursuit, the question of content isn’t where the bone of contention is with geeks. The conundrum lies in harnessing their social skills, which are partially awkward, to present their skills and knowledge.

A relevant field where skills are highly rewarded is the employment sector.  To get employment in any area, it is paramount to learn how to write a resume, among other related documents. For geeks, writing a resume that stands out is essential as it covers for their social shortcomings.

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If you are a geek, here are few resume writing tips to make you stand out.

1. Specificity 

When writing your resume, the assumption is that you’ll use the same for all job opportunity outlets. The qualifications, skills, and achievements are constant. To write a resume that stands out if you are a geek, tailor your resume according to the job opportunity you’re applying for.

Employers receive a lot of resumes. Identifying a generic resume sent by isn’t a hazardous task. However, a resume tweaked to suit the specific position advertised for, grabs the attention of the employer.

Always take time to examine a job opportunity outlet carefully, take your resume, and carefully tweak your resume. Ensure that the skills outlined therein are specific to the advertised position. It will help in avoiding unnecessary explanations and confrontations after that, a dread for most geeks.

2. Quantify Success

With the underlying deficiency in social proficiency, geeks may find it hard to express their success in a normal conversation. Since most of their conversations are about Disney Land themes, maintaining a normal conversation is hard. However, a resume provides an outlet to show achievements in the field without having to strike a conversation.

To make your resume outstanding, you have to learn how to write a resume that quantifies success. Include statistics, especially numbers, as they jump off a page. Have the profit margins before and after you joined your previous company and show your contribution towards its achievement. If you were in a managerial position, incorporate numbers to show the staff, budget, or customers you were responsible for. The numbers will help explain the weight of your responsibility and our competency levels.

3. Back up your skills

The reason for writing a resume is to list your skills. When you are a geek, the listing of skills isn’t enough. Geeks are known to be knowledgeable about a specific area of interest. If the position you’re applying for encompasses skills, you’re competent in, back them with proofs.

While many people outline their skills, providing proof is an advantage. Instead of stating you have impeccable marketing skills, give facts and figures of how much the sales increased as a result of your marketing skills. This is the surest way to impress your recruiter as a geek.

4. Tell a story

They say everything is a story. A great resume is that which tells a story to the recruiter. It is outstanding to outline your resume as a story. Your accomplishments, experiences, and skills showing the much you’ve grown over the years.

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As a geek, there are minimal chances that social conversation would be suitable to tell your career story. Be different and use your resume to show the much you’ve grown over the years. Explain how in your resume writing, since the first employment, your skills have improved over the years.

If you’re struggling with resume writing and would like to have a resume detailing your story, here is a list of available tools:

  • Top Essay Writing – if you’re stuck on where to turn, they handle your writing tasks upon requests.
  • Classy Essay – if you’re looking for more than human touch when it comes to editing.
  • Studyker – this online platform allows you to upload your document and provide feedback from experts across the world.
  • Grammarly – Editing is the hardest part of writing, this tool is incredible when it comes to editing.

5. Cover letter

What most recruiters request for is a resume. They expect resumes and resumes only. But if you go the extra mile and add a cover letter to your resume, it is a bold move.

The deliberate effort to go the extra mile and use a cover letter is impressive. It will help the recruiters rank your resume, just by presentation, way higher than other submitted resumes. The extra effort will be appreciated, hence, standing out of all the applications submitted.

6. Industry Keywords

While tweaking your resume to fit a specific job, it is vital to consider the keywords regularly used in the industry. Since most companies receive a record number of applications, they employ computer software that sifts through applications to check for keywords.

Using the appropriate keywords helps to differentiate you from the other applicants. It shows your grasp of knowledge in the field and your dedication to its excellence. As a geek, your top priority would be to learn and apply an industry’s language.

7. Highlight Awards and Recognition

It is always better to have other people praise you than have yourself blowing your own horn. Awards and recognition show your contribution to your field of expertise. Adding a section of awards and recognition in your resume will be a great addition in standing out from the rest of the applications.

When writing this section, use keywords that show recognition. Use words that imply acceptance as “selected” and “recognized” accompanied by formal recognitions. Highlighting awards and recognitions will not only beef up your skill competency but also higher your chances of getting employed.

In conclusion, to stand out as a geek in resume writing isn’t rocket science. Little intricacies covered in how to write a resume are essential to magnify and ensure uniqueness in the execution. Since writing a resume is of grave importance, you can reach for resume writing services for help.

About the author:
Helene Cue is a passionate writer and editor who explores a broad spectrum of topics that revolve around marketing and tech. She currently works as an in-house writer at GrabMyEssay and as a content marketing specialist at Studicus. Her pieces are always captivating and informative.

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