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Wine Condoms To Keep Your Wine Fresh

Admit it you open a bottle of wine and you haven’t finished it. According to experts when you open a white wine bottle you only have 1 to 3 days and for red wine you have 1 to 2 weeks. So unless you plan on drinking the rest of the wine that night, the odds are stacking up against you very fast. I know the white wine I get with my luck it goes bad the next day.

Now sure you can try to jam that cork back in, but it’s really not a good idea. Just saying. But if you want something that is guaranteed to extend the life of your bottle of wine you need to practice safe. And by safe I mean use a condom. Now, now get your heads out of the gutter there people, no need to run to your nearest drugstore to pick up a pack. I am talking of course about the wine condom. Once again, get your minds out of the gutter.

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Wine Condoms - Rubber latex condom for wine bottles

It was designed by a mother and son with a shrink fit that no matter if you have the cork or cap to the original bottle it will still keep away any air, making sure your wine stays fresh. They are also reusable! And help with the leaking and spilling that might occur, because we know that can happen anytime in any fridge.

Wine Condoms - Rubber latex condom for wine bottles
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You can purchase them here

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