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Nestle Releases Two New and Amazing Flavors of Edible Cookie Dough

People have been quickly hopping onto the idea of eating raw cookie dough that’s safe to consume.  It’s becoming more and more available as opposed to people eating it raw like back in the day, and many companies are jumping into the craze with wonderful ideas.

Nestle Toll House is, of course, one of the masters of the art of cookie and baked goods, and recently they released two new flavors: Funfetti and Brownie Batter.

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The addition of these two flavors is probably enough to make one’s head explode with excitement.  The Funfetti flavor comes with rainbow sprinkles happily mixed in, giving it a lovely pop of color and a bit of texture.  And, of course, Brownie Batter is just as it says, minus the eggs; this also seems clever, as it shows the raw edible batter idea is not limited to just cookie dough, and can potentially span out to other delicious baked goods.  Both flavors look absolutely delectable, and both are available in select grocery stores.

Nestle Toll House has previously released flavors for classic Chocolate Chip, and a peanut blend called Peanut Chocolate Chip Monster that also includes oats and candy-coated chocolate.  All of their flavors come in a 15 oz tub that must be refrigerated, and can be bought for $5.49.  And remember, these are best eaten raw; they are not meant to be baked!

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