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Animal Candles Reveal a Skeleton When Burned

Do you love candles but are sick of the same old ones all of the time? Need a way to teach your children about the skeletal system? Well, surprisingly there are products that address both of these questions. PyroPet Skeleton Candles are beautiful animal candles that reveal metal skeletons as they burn away. Currently, there are 18 different candles sold worldwide.

Animals available in candle form include dragons, rabbits, owls, bears and dogs. By far the best-sellers are the black cat and the unicorn though. Each candle is made of paraffin and needs to be placed on a fire-safe surface when burning. Paraffin runs when burning so it may get a little messy. Once cool, you will have a metal animal skeleton that you can show off forever!

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When starting out, PyroPet Skeleton Candles’ original cat candle was called “the Devil’s Pet.” This candle was received so positively that a Kickstarter campaign was launched to finance a company startup. They met their goal in only four days. At the end of the campaign, 250% of their goal was achieved. This meant the company had more money to start creating new animal designs. You can find these cool candles on Amazon as well as various other craft shops on the internet. So, stop burning regular boring candles when you can burn candles with cool skeletons instead!

Imagine how fun it would be to own one of every animal!
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