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Stop Everything! ‘Mulan’ Mickey Ears are Finally Here!

My best friend loves Mulan more than anything. Probably a little less than Godzilla but you get the point. Watching Mulan is an art form, if your buddies don’t break out into song and act out Let’s Get Down To Business then I am sorry to say that you need new friends. Because you either go all in or you go home.

For awhile now Disney has been releasing new ears here and there. Just recently was the Betsy Johnson collection for The Little Mermaid. Which you know is totally cute! One Instagram user by the name of Tinkerbail posted some new ears that were releasing at Disney.

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CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS! It has her families Great Stone Dragon in the center along with her fan and the ADORABLE red silk along the ears. AHHHH!!! These beauties are now at Disney so grab a pair, and a second one for me!

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