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The Star Wars Light-Rapier is Now Available to Buy

It’s Star Wars Meets The Princess Bride

The Custom Lightsaber Company SaberForge released a Rapier styled saber on their website earlier this month.

They announced the item on their Twitter, adding this new saber to the long line of custom Lightsabers and accessories they’ve produced over the years.

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The Saberforge Rapier is a tribute to the 18th century dueling rapier used in western Europe. The item has a seven inch grip with a basket guard with a chrome finish.

The standard price for the item, what they call “initiate”, is $199.00 ;with further customization and add-ons available at a higher price.

It began in a Garage

The company was founded by Phillip Isherwood in 2008 when he would hand-make them in his garage to sell on Ebay. Today, Isherwoods’ company has a showroom outside of Portland, Oregon ; selling over 10,000 units per year.

” I never started with the intention of growing into something big, it was always just, you know, trying to make better sabers,” said Isherwood to Digital Trends in 2018.

Saberforge has endured through copy-write law by not only avoiding creating direct replicas of the Lucas Films/Disney Sabers and by focusing on customization.

While there are dozens of pre-made sabers to choose from, the site sells different saber parts that allows the customer to design their own Lightsaber.

” We’ve got more than 80 styles to choose from, but if even that amount of selection isn’t enough for them they can literally choose every piece that goes into it and creat ‘millions’ of different combinations,” Isherwood said.

Isherwood and his company have expanded into cosplay gear, blasters, accessories as well as sponsoring the the international Lightsaber dueling league, The Saber Legion.

Does this Lightsaber inspire you to take the path of the Jedi ? Or is it not alluring what-so-ever ? Let us know in the comments down below.

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