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Toblerone Cheesecake Exists And Life Will Never Be The Same

When I first discovered a Toblerone bar It was later in my life. Now I had a Ferrero Rocher but even that could not prepare me for the amazing taste of a Toblerone. Now spotted is this beautiful looking Toblerone Cheesecake that has been sent here from Heaven to answer all of our chocolate cravings.

According to Instagram user @foodfindsgeelong, “The topping generally tastes like a toblerone but when eaten all together it does get lost as the biscuit base does overpower it. In saying that the biscuit base is delicious and blends perfectly with semi sweet center and again really good for a frozen cheesecake. 8/10.”

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Now this particular cake was spotted in the freezer section of a Cole’s in Australia but that doesn’t mean that it’s not coming to the U.S. Of course if you can’t find it and really want one you could always get the toblerone and melt it down for a delicious topping to a standard cheesecake.

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