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Two Weinermobiles Just Went Up For Sale

Ever wonder what happens to those branded cars when they are no longer needed? Well apparently they go up for sale and just have the logo removed. These two 2006 Weinermobiles are now for sale for just 12,000 each. That’s really not bad considering they run. Of course you will have to go to Alberta, Canada to pick it up.

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The company in charge of operating these vehicles has gone bankrupt. Parent company of oscer mayer canada has commissioned us to sell these wienermobile . any logo will be removed before vehicle is picked up. Local calgary pick up only. No emails please call matt ANYTIME at 250-329-9786 ask about the big wiener for sale. Text or call 5878965908 if first number isnt working. Getting 100 calls an hour NO THE PEANUT IS NOT FOR SALE ! STOP ASKING

This is almost better than getting a job driving it. Because you would get to drive it for fun!! Of course if you do end up picking these up you may want to install a backup camera because they are long. And probably awkward to drive.

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