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Check Out ‘The Last Unicorn’ – Official Licensed Tarot & Oracle Card Deck

The Last Unicorn is quite possibly one of the most magical animated movies of the 80’s. A spectacular story of the last of one’s kind on a quest to find where she belongs. Full of symbolism as well as a heartwrenching story, The Last Unicorn may have found a special place in your soul. One may even say they find spiritual connection with the movie. For those who do, you may want to check out this lovely officially Liscenced Tarot Deck. What better deck to have then one full of symbols and story that you may already have such a deep rooted connection with?

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At $75.95 it is definitely not the cheapest deck. But it is a high quality one with reviews praising the art and detail as well as the integrity of the material used to make the deck. Featuring the whole of the characters of The Last Unicorn, including Schmendrick, Molly Grue, the Harpy, the Lady Amalthea (in and out of her unicorn form), the Butterfly, Prince Lir, King Haggard, the Skeleton, and the terrifying Red Bull as well as symbols critical to the film.

You can also add on additional accessories for an extra fee. If you want a matching carved box to keep your deck safe or perhaps a cloth to do your readings on? You can even get one of the cards signed by P.S Beagle himself (the writer of the novel)!

Find your copy here.

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