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Jif Settles Debate on How Gif is Pronounced With New PB Jar

No matter how you pronounce it someone out there is going to say your wrong. It’s been highly debated as to what “Gif” is supposed to sound like when you pronounce it. The term comes from graphics interchange format so one would assume that you would take the hard G from graphics and place it at the beginning. But some choose to use a soft g which makes it sound like “Jif”.

Jif which is a peanut butter brand(that moms like me choose) has decided to settle the debate once and for all releasing a new peanut butter jar. The new product which is said to be incredibly creamy comes because of a promotion between Jif and Giphy. Giphy is a Gif search engine that you are probably most familiar with on your phone.

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You can get the limited edition jar on Amazon by clicking the link here.

This is probably one of those things that you will want to eat and then save the jar for memories. I wouldn’t personally let the peanut butter go bad but if you want to keep a fossilized jar of peanut butter that’s up to you. This is no doubt going to be one of those weird collectors items you see on Ebay in the future.

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