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These Donkey Kong Inspired Shelves Are A Must Have

These shelves are probable one of the best ways to decorate your game room. Pair these with the Tetris bookshelf and the NES table and you’re set to enjoy a very retro experience. Designer Igor Chak who lives in Los Angeles has created some of the best and most aesthetically pleasing designs for old school gamers around. And these shelves are no different.

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So here is a Donkey Kong wall, strong, good looking but still has its character. The wall is made out of individual sections; each section is made out of durable but light carbon fiber, anodized aluminum pixels that are joined with strong stainless steel rods and toughened glass tops. The special mounts themselves are made out of steel and can support up to 60lbs

Igor Chak

Unfortunately this is only a concept design. But if you wanted to try your hand at making it yourself it wouldn’t be impossible to do.

What do you think of these shelves? Pretty cool right? Tell us about your video game furniture in the comments!

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