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‘Hitman’ The 1969 Ford Mustang From John Wick Is Now Up For Sale

The iconic Ford Mustang Mach 1 that Keanu Reeves drives in each of the John Wick films is now up for sale. And if there was ever a car I really wanted this is it. To sit where Keanu sat and ponder to the wind, “What would Keanu do?.”

The car in the films is named “The Hitman”. This thing is so cool, like anyone who gets to have this car is going to be famous among movie memorabilia collectors.

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It may not be the exact same one he drove, but you can definitely imagine it. Thanks to Classic Recreations we will be able to get the replica version of the movie car. They are officially licensed to recreate the car and will have the first ever turn-key versions of the 1969-1970 Mach 1 Mustangs. And they will build it to customer specifications, which means you can make it as accurate as you want.

This is interesting news as we found out earlier this year that a car manufacturer was also recreating the classic DeLorean to go up for sale for a limited time. There will be very few of those to go around and no doubt they will cost a pretty penny. But if you really want one you’re going to find a way.

The Mad Max car is also up for sale which you can check out more about by clicking the link down below.

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