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Bandai Namco Releases Trailer Of Kefla Gameplay In Dragon Ball FighterZ

In preparation for the latest batch of fighters to come out in Dragon Ball Fighter Z Bandi Namco has just released a trailer showing off the first character we’ll be getting Kelfa. And right off the bat they got my money hands down.

Her intro starts with both Kale and Caulifla with Potara earrings on followed up with a fusion. Shortly after Kefla emerges and zooms across the field with all sorts of new found power. And of course her introduction line is just as cocky as she is in the anime making it that much more better. 

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Right off the bat it shows Kefla open up with a bang showing off her red ki blast attacks, and a missed combo which shows powering up and following it up with a charged ki blast. But as the fight goes on we do see her land it and follow it up with a super move that only cost 1 ki.

The move being her shooting a large amount of ki blast at you, and then following it with another Ki bar to do another which is pretty much the same move but this time she’s shooting them down as she flies towards you. 

They show off a really helpful move in the fight too that allows you dash across the fighter. Even though whenever this move is done it’s blocked I think it’s safe to assume that you can follow this up with a nice combo.

The trailer does end with her styling on Vegeta using a level 2 spark followed up with some super moves. Such as a level 1 which was what we say earlier in the fight, and her level 3. Which was the same move she tried to use against Ultra Instinct Goku in the anime and it looks just as cool in the game as it did in the anime. 

Lastly her outro. It’s what you’d expect it to be and honestly I’m not disappointed at all. It’s Kefla defusing with Kale and Caulifla on the ground, with Kale saying how great they are.

It was also nice seeing a bit of the new update in play as well. Such as the super bar being updated with a new look. As well as a new red/blue bar on top of the screen that’s replacing the frame rate. Kefla is set to come out later this month on the 28th, followed by Ultra Instinct Goku later this spring. Along with three mystery characters coming soon with the year 3 pass.

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