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Animatronic Version of ‘The Child’ Only $60

It seems that I made a mistake when I pre-ordered the plush doll from Walmart. Perhaps I should have waited after all, because now there is an animatronic version of Baby Yoda that I’m going to need.

Hasbro is putting out the doll and like other kids toys these days it does LOTS of things. They say that when you touch his head it activates over 25 sound and motion combinations. And when you lay him down he will take a “force nap”.

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He makes cooing noises along with what you’ve seen onscreen in the Mandalorian. When you order this you get everything but the bassinet, but that’s fine. You can probably figure out a way to make one for yourself if you want to.

These should most likely be shipping this spring along with the other Baby Yoda toys we’ve pre-ordered. He was announced today at the New York Toy Fair where they said that the other toys they revealed would be shipping this spring. So get excited! That means that it won’t be long!

Check out for more information on him.

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