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Baby Yoda Featured In ‘Mandalorian’ Trouble and Operation

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Two brand new board games were shown off at the New York Toy Fair featuring our favorite little foundling. They are Mandalorian versions of some of the most classic games around.

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The first is Trouble. You know the fun game with the poppable die in the center? The one that causes you and your family to fight when you have to let the little one win? Yeah that game! From the looks of it the player pieces now have stickers on them and everyone is going to want to be the green player. That one has Mando and the child on it.

Next up is the anxiety inducing Operation. It looks like this one won’t be us fixing ‘The Child’ and will be more focused on us fixing his pod. Which to be fair is a lot more appealing than having to dissect poor sweet baby Yoda.

You can keep an eye on when the Amazon listing goes live by following the link here.

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