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Wendy’s Will Debut Breakfast Menu In March

Ah the fast food game. Always gotta decide what you are in the mood for. Rally’s/Checker’s fries and burger? Caines delicious chicken tenders and Texas toast? Or maybe it’s early morning and you want something delicious, something that will hit the spot just right, Wendy’s outta do the trick. And I don’t mean for a hamburger.

Sassy Wendy’s twitter holder had this to say.

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You’ve got about 9 different sandwiches to choose from, here is the full menu.

Wendy's new breakfast menu will roll out in the first quarter of 2020.

Currently about 300 stores has breakfast on the menu, but it will role out nationwide starting March 2nd. Naturally I must try this to see what the fuss is about (for science of course)

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