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This Scorpion Chair Is Perfect For Plotting Your Next Evil Deed

If you ever wanted some statement furniture this might be it. Especially if you are into insects. The chair is designed and created by Russian woodcarver, sculptor, and painter, Vyacheslav Pakhomov. It’s made of beautiful oak wood, with leather padding, and wax.

It’s incredibly tall too standing at 6.5 feet tall x 2.6 feet wide x 3.4 feet deep. The cost on this isn’t cheap either. It goes for about 230,000 rubles or $5,800 US dollars roughly. All I can do after seeing it is imagine how cool it would be to play a chess match to the death. Whoever loses DIES!

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Or it would be really cool to like poison someone while having tea with them. Use some of those special tea cups with the phrase on the bottom “You’ve been poisoned.” It would also make a nice set of furniture if you lived in the desert.

What do you think of this furniture set? If you’re interested in making your own there is a plan for them online you can use. You can check it out by clicking here.

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